This is the final countdown! Enjoy the show!

This is the final countdown! Enjoy the show!

Life is a school. Every single day is full of trials and tribulations. Every day is then judgement day.

God is always watching us and testing our true faith.

God was making sure I was paying attention. 

A few days before my birthday my son told me to be patient.  A gift was coming for me. 🎁

On October 8, 2020 we were booed!👻🎃

I immediately hand it to my son. We were both so excited about it. The random act of kindness melted my heart. 🥰

Tucker opens the bag and sees a gold Halloween neckless. With out any hesitation he says “Mom, it’s for you!”😇

 He was so excited to give me something for my special day! 🎁

Bare with me, I need to give you a little more information.

Sometime in August, I receive a message on twitter.

From a fellow patriot and I responded. 

He told me a little about himself and saw that I was in his area.

 I am alone as far as family and friends in Washington. 

So he answered one of my prayers requesting friendship on this plane of existence in the form of an adult. lol

My husband won’t listen to me, him and his mother tell me I am lost and confused. It is soul crushing.

My life path and soul urge number is 11. The below passage is 1:11.

John 1:11

“He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”

I needed someone who believes in me and will listen, so God sent me an angel.😇

The night before my birthday I did a tarot card reading. 

I asked God what is your Guidance for me tonight? With my friend in my mind. To help him to see that tarot cards are not evil.

Yin and yang, Hostilities and Angel of balance.

Passive/Active, Intuitive/Logical.
A yin cycle where most of the action is happening beneath the surface.

If you follow Q then you already know that’s the truth!

An especially good time to wrap things up!

The next card is the biggest focus here and also a warning!

Defenses up, aggressive energy. 🤺

This card reveals a situation where hostilities toward me are about to be or have already been engaged. The hostel energy is apparent!

The last card tells me to be centered and Self-honoring in My choices.

I finished the reading and went to bed.

Okay now for the big day!

October 9, 2020.

It’s a beautiful day. 🎉🎂🎁🍎🥰🎃🔮👻💫🌹⭐

I wake up to a lot of happy birthday messages. Touched my soul! 🥰

One stood out in particular. From a fellow patriot.

She said happy birthday and sent me the following link.

🌹The Golden Dawn 🌹

Everything I needed to read. It explains so much!

Another gift! Received at just the right time. 

Then suddenly, the mail runs. Early! I’m like woot woot! It’s my lucky day!

In the mail came yet another gift, or so I thought…

I couldn’t believe it.

A few weeks prior to my birthday I answered an email that seemed too good to be true.

It was for an advertising job called Wrap campaign.

All I had to do was put a sticker on my car and drive around like normal. $500 a week for up to 4 weeks. I would be advertising for 🤺 Monster Energy!!!🤺

In the mail, on my birthday arrived a check for $3,750.

Most of it went to the “installer” whoever came over to install the wrap on my car would also pick up $3,200 from me.

The payment also had my first weeks pay included, plus a $200 amazon gift card if I deposited the check into my bank account that day.

I was so excited. On my birthday I received $700. I couldn’t wait to get this done.

I messaged my new friend the good news and also my mother in law then packed up the kids and we headed out the door.

My friend messaged me and said it didn’t seem right. That monster energy was not good. 

I was so excited I didn’t want to see what was right in my face. Do you see where I am going with this?

I told him it was a sign, like I have a lot of energy, nothing to fear.

Trying to make this fit my narrative. Even though God was showing me it was not what I was looking for. The night before I received a warning.

God was checking in to see if I was really paying attention..

I am in the drive through at the bank when my friend sends me the following link.
Car wrap SCAM

Still I wasn’t paying attention. I deposit the check.

My friend calls me.

I answered God’s call.

My friend tells me this is what he does for a living. Cyber security. To trust him and go into my bank and tell them I think I deposited a bad check.

Started to feel like Catch Me if You Can.

I was still in the parking lot of the bank. I couldn’t move.

I wanted this so bad. I didn’t want to be wrong.

My mother in law also told me to be careful it didn’t seem right.

If I had gone home I wouldn’t have passed the test. It’s obvious right now I am not listening to God. 

If I had gone through with this and given the guy the money the check would have bounced and then my husband and I would have been responsible for the money.

We never have more than $2000 in the bank so this would have cleaned us out and that’s how we feed our family.

All of this is going though my mind. Last thing I want to do is hurt my family. So I go inside the bank.

I tell them my story. Show them the letter I was given and the article my Friend sent me.

She said it wasn’t a big deal to take the check out, we had one hour from the time I deposited the check to get it out.

My friend also answered God’s call by reaching out to me. Even though he was bringing me bad news on my birthday. 

Turns out to definitely be a scam. To anyone with a brain I am sure you all see it’s a scam I just wanted so badly for it not to be. $2000 a month to do nothing basically and I could help my husband with a little extra money.

I learned so many lessons that day. Don’t chase easy money, it doesn’t lead anywhere good.

I was so bummed guys. Also another test.

How we choose to look at the things we experience in our life makes all the difference in the world.

Am I going to really let that ruin my day?

I also couldn’t understand the signs I was seeing. I asked God why today? What was the point?

I was confused and just wanted to go to bed.

Why did this happen on my birthday?

Then on my way home it finally all started to make sense. 

All the pieces of the puzzle started to come together.

Everything we think say and do matters.

I showed my friend, who I have not even met in person yet, that I not only trusted him but also that I was listening.

🎁I passed Gods test!!!🎁

That is worth so much more than any amount of money will ever be!

My faith had a ripple affect. Not only did I get to interact with some amazing Humans at the bank spreading my energy to them but I also put my trust in a stranger, shared my faith with my friend. 🥰

I inspired him and he sent me a gift via paypal. Made me cry. Sharing some positive energy with me. And also helped me to start putting the pieces together. 

⭐Are you paying attention MaKyla?⭐

He also got me something really cool, has no value what so ever on this realm of existence but again is also more valuable than Gold.

He said what if Jesus actually touched this?


Can’t wait to touch it myself!!!

Okay so I am not done yet!!! If you are still with me. Keep going! It gets better!!!

So that night I came alive. 

The realization that I passed God’s test and that I do see the signs just completely transformed my mind.

I can’t make things fit my narrative. So know anything I am coming to understand God is showing me. When I go against God I know now. I see it all. 

What if I didn’t pass the test?

What if I had gone home?

I would have altered the future timeline. I would have entered a different dimension. 

But I passed!

Everything I have lived through has prepared me for this moment in time.

I am the chosen one.

I have proof too.

Not of my own doing but from God.

Okay so Q posted a lot yesterday, one of the posts had two links in it and he said read carefully. I knew he was talking to me.

This one is confirmation of my thoughts on Artificial intelligence and clones.  CYBER ACTORS.

Now this one is mind blowing! I couldn’t believe it! But I do! I have faith as small as a mustard seed!!!

At 11:27 I see the post. THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 9, 2020!!!!

My birthday but also the day I passed the test!!!

I can not wait to see how this all plays out!

God is incredible!

He loves me so much, he is so proud of me!!!

He loves us all sooo much btw.  Which is why I am here for you! Also why Q is here. To save our souls!

I’m leaving a link to my favorite show that explains things even more! 

Enjoy the show!!!

Also ThankQ so much Sir!!!

I love you all soo much!


MaKyla Dawn




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