God gene and the Covid vaccine.

God gene and the Covid vaccine.

Okay. Look. I am just the messenger.

I promise you that I am speaking truth. I have been shown this information to share with all of you.

Bill Gates in 2005 did a presentation at the pentagon. 

The presentation was discussed in a super casual manner. 

His plan for our future is to remove the God gene. 🤯

If that doesn’t sound like the work of the devil to you then I don’t know what would be enough for you to see the truth.  

The COVID vaccine trials have already produced that result. 

I will leave links for you to see for yourself. The first link is Bill Gates presentation.  The other two links will be about the Covid vaccine reactions. 

Also I’m leaving a few links that will give you hope. I’ll post them last. 

I urge you all to watch his presentation so you can fully understand what has been in the works. This didn’t happen over night. It’s all been planned. 

I will say that unless you are a child of darkness this is the most incredible time to be alive. 

God told us this would happen.

The last book of the Bible. The book of Revelation.

Now we are establishing God’s kingdom on earth.

The fifth dimension, Heaven on earth. 

Christ consciousness on earth. I explain more in the following link. 

Are you sleeping?

A closed third

Peace, love and light!!


MaKyla Dawn


💥Bill Gates

💥I can’t feel God.

💥Covid Vaccine trail patient.

🥰 The Q age🥰


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