A hero’s journey, the path of souls. 😇

A hero’s journey, the path of souls. 😇

Last week I was having an extremely rough time.
So many emotions..

One day I was at a stop light and I looked over at the car next to me at the exact moment some guy was hitting a meth pipe.

10 years ago, that was me.

A reality check.
My guides are why I turned to look. My intuition.
So I could really see how truly far I have come.

I have walked through hell with God always by myside.
Even in my darkness God was there.

‘Cause you carried me with you
From the highest of the peaks
To the darkness of the blue
I was just too blind to see
Like a lighthouse in a storm
You were always guiding me
Yeah, it’s true
You carried me with you’

Unconditional love.

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.🤩🥰

Also not just God’s love for me but my love for God. I found my way back home.👠

Following the yellow brick road! I ended up in emerald city! Met my soul mate and transformed my life.

The yellow brick road is the path of souls. The hero’s journey.

Do you see?

Dorothy had the evil witch neighbor take Toto. She goes on the run, a twister hits, knocks her out cold. She travels over the rainbow!🌈

With her spirit guides.

All the people she loved on earth. Her soul family.

There’s no place like home!!

ThankQ so much for the breadcrumbs to help me on my way and all the beautiful souls that have assisted me on this incredible journey.

In Jesus name! Amen.



MaKyla Dawn



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