Living the dream.

Living the dream.

Our dreams are our higher self!😇

Our spirit connecting with our higher self..
So then our reality is their dream!
Making us from source, from creator. Master Programmer.
Like sims.. trippy lol
Literally there is no division.

We all come from source energy. Creation.
Co creating this multi Dimensional reality on Earth.
We are living the dream.

We have been programed and conditioned to believe lies. Satan is a master trickster.

Working behind the scenes. Knowing information you don’t. Easier to control you.

The Bible tells us our words are powerful.

Satan knows this.
The anti christ know this.

They put a spell on you and it was strong!!!

Not anymore. The tables have turned. We are here for you!

I had a dream the other day I was with my future husband.  We were both perfectly happy, cuddling and he pointed to Earth smiling. 🌏🥰

My dream was a view from above. 😇

Magic is all around. We are living a dream. Dream big!!!

God bless you all!!

Beautiful beings of light!


MaKyla Dawn


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