Looking like fools you are.

Looking like fools you are.

You guys ready to hear the stupidity I just witnessed.

At the weed store.
You have to wear a mask because “science”.

I tell them wearing a mask restrics my breathing. I have to stand aside and wait for a manager. Small price to pay to not participate in the anti christ satanic ritual bs.

Anyways, they ask the person who was behind me for ID.

Then get this, asks them to lower their mask to show it’s really them then put the mask back on.

The fuck?

So the virus is that smart huh.

Won’t get you if you are taking it off to eat your meal, won’t get you if you take it off to show your face for identification. But you best believe if you don’t wear a mask you will die and are going to kill everyone else.

Just so you know you look like a damn fool with your mask on.

Take off your mask.

Stop worshipping the devil!!!

You are obviously leading with fear and are part of the beast system.

Partaking in the satanic ritual that is Covid-19.

I am praying for all of you to sleep no more!

Wake up!


MaKyla Dawn


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