Marilyn Monroe didn’t Kill herself!!!

Marilyn Monroe didn’t Kill herself!!!

I want to start by saying it never sat well with me.

A beautiful, highly intelligent woman at the prime of her life, commits suicide?

I am not buying it. 

So I started doing a little digging. 

It didn’t take long before I knew exactly who did it.
Criminal minds has prepared me for this moment. By design.

Have you ever heard that killers like to take trophies and souvenirs from their victims? a variety of things from jewelry worn by the victim, a diary, clothing even going as far as taking it to the grave…

These people are EVIL, Disgusting and Vile!!!

I know about jealous boyfriends.  I have lived it in this life also, thankfully history didn’t repeat itself. 

Back to Marilyn. 

So I came across an article that had a lot of truth in it while also being full of lies.  I’ll post links bellow.

The person who wrote it didn’t even catch the truth in plain sight!

Do you see what I see? The killer with the trophies? Couldn’t help but tell people about it and also spread the lie!

The Face of a Killer!!! 

Marilyn Monroe did not kill herself! She wasn’t sleeping with the Kennedy’s! She was murdered by someone she once loved.

No one questioned the narrative they were given!!!

The psychopath went back to the scene of the crime.

A well known criminal mind move. 

He takes control of her Funeral!

He says her Hollywood friends contributed to her death! 

Also blamed the Kennedys!!!

He just spread the lie far and wide putting blame everywhere but where it belonged!

Joe Dimaggio druged, brutally gang raped, sodomized and murdered Marilyn Monroe.

A beautiful angel.

She was ascending. She was obtaining Christ consciousness on earth.

It gets worse. 

Have you seen Twilight? 

Rosalie’s story, is Marilyn’s story.  Link below. 
🌹Rosalie’s story.🌹

It wasn’t just one person.  

At least two people raped and murdered Marilyn. 

Her house keeper washed her sheets. Why? 

Because she was brutally raped! Sodomized! And beaten to death. 

Her sheets would have told that story.

So her house keeper also helped cover up her death. 

Who else participated in this heinous act?

Also a clue left in plain sight. Taken to the grave. 

So sick and twisted!

One of her killers is buried right next to her!!!

Look at the psychopaths reason for doing so! 

He tells the world he is a believer in things being symbolic!!! Spending eternity next to the woman he raped and murdered!!!

The truth is plain sight!!!

Also not a coincidence the story is called Rosalie’s story from twilight. 

There was another person who helped with this grand plan. 

12 07 time stamp. o7 is a digital salute. 

God is everywhere always. We just have to tune in. 

So Marilyn Monroe was blamed for her own murder.

Her name was completely slandered!

A false narrative given to influence how Marilyn was viewed by the public. 

A blonde bimbo who was having an affair with the president of the United States and she killed herself because he didn’t leave his wife for her.

That lie over flows to the next story.

Who Killed JFk?

I am being shown this information. 

By God.

Putting pieces of the puzzle together.  So not only using criminal detective skills, I also used my intuition.

Example,I bought a lighter one day because of the images on the front. I knew it would be significant later.

This is a clue.

When Julie told me that about Hefner being buried next to her I knew what that lighter was telling me.

Julie and I are not the only ones who found that strange!!! Him being buried next to her.

Also I have a memory that isn’t from this lifetime. 

It’s a nightmare of how I died in my past lifetime. 

Two people brutally raping me. I am drugged so it’s a blur and I am thankful I don’t remember all the details. Just enough to help me uncover the truth without traumatizing me in this life. 

God heard Marilyn’s screams.

If you believe in God then this is the greatest story ever told. 

God is avenging her death!

I am her reincarnated. 

Back for the greatest revenge.  Bringing with me truth bombs… revealing the truth for all of us.

I have another story to tell. That connects to this one. 

The deception runs so deep.

God knows everything. 

No one escapes judgment day.

Everything hidden will be made known.

Please share.

The world needs to know..


MaKyla Dawn


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