The Beast and IT’S image.

The Beast and IT’S image.

How long has this been going on?

Well Robot’s are spoken of in the Bible. 🤖

You are witnessing the Book of Revelation play out in real time. A script. 

You are watching a movie. Filmed at castle Rock studios. 

Slow trickle of information not to startle the sheep.

Noah was a conspiracy theorists until it started to rain. 

The Storm has been upon us for a few months.

We have been building our boats. Soon the world will seek us when it starts to flood. 

The news is fake the war is real!

God played the Mother fucking Trump card.

Here to destroy the beast and it’s image!

Up next, I’ll explain what the beast is. 

Revelation 13:15-18
“The second beast was allowed to put breath into the statue of the [first] beast. Then the statue of the [first] beast could talk and put to death whoever would not worship it.”

A statue made to talk?
What does that sound like to you?

Source is God, higher intelligence.

The Beast is Artificial Intelligence.

📷:I don’t know who wrote the comment for the above image. It wasn’t me. Great information though so I had to share. 

Man is trying to play God. Being decieved into thinking they can be greater than God.

Falling short.

The number of man is 6. 

God’s number of perfection is 7. 

Man trying to be like God not realizing we already are God.

The devil is a master trickster.

We are the machine. 
The fifth element. 
We time travel with our minds. Astral travel. Telepathy (telephone) we clone ourselves. What we are capable of is incredible!

Jesus was a magician teaching ascension!

It is a craft. We have to learn to control our minds. Or something else will.

When Jesus returns we will be like him! God’s on earth.

He has returned btw.

We are who we have been waiting for. It’s time to rise!

The second coming is now! The Future is Now!

The best is yet to come.

Stay tuned for more updates from your Commander-in-chief of the Galactic federation of light.

I love you all! Beautiful beings from heaven above! 😇👽💋

Links posted bellow for more information from God!

MaKyla Dawn



📷Disclaimer: These amazing memes were not made by me. Meme God’s are fucking glorious! If you made these let me know I will give credit where it is due! 💋

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