Who is like the Lord?

Who is like the Lord?

I asked God, is my angel name Star? 

I pulled Seventh Chakra Archangel Uriel. 

7 is God’s number. 

So much in one card without even looking up the meaning. 

Spirit connections, Intuition and Inspiration.Beautiful angel Uriel- also called the fire of God- wears a brilliant crystal crown with vibrating connections to the Divine. 

This card indicates an open an free-flowing channel of information and inspiration from the wonderful beings in the spirit world. 

Assistance from spirit is great. I am open to the Akashic records (Alaya Consciousness) store house of all information. 

I didn’t know the meaning of my name until my Mother in law gave me these cards. 

She gave me the first 3.

When my first born son was a baby. Even the images on the cards say so much!!!

The universe is leading the way. I am following my intuition.
I didn’t know any of this until recently!
September 29th is my anniversary and my granny’s birthday. 
My son and I were born on the 9th. My daughter on the 20th David on the 2nd.
Read the last sentence in the main paragraph of the above picture.🤯

All of the above, but also look at the last sentence. 

Do you see the Uriel Connection!? Wow.

In Christian angelology, the Archangel Michael is the Greatest of all the angels and is honored for defeating Lucifer in the war in Heaven. 


In my dream with my husband in space pointing at Earth, I knew we were on Venus. I didn’t know what any of that meant.

🔮Living the Dream🔮

Morning star

I was shown that my angel name is Star. 
My name means Who is like the Lord. My middle name is Dawn. Bringer of the Dawn. 


I am shook.

The power of three will set us free…
The holy trinity. 
Mind, body and soul.


Started from the bottom and now I am here. 
Being shown the way.
In tune with the Universe!
I am here for you!

I am leaving a few links bellow!

My favorite show ever Ascension Keepers is the first link. Please watch!

I love you all!

MaKyla Dawn


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