Who Killed John F. Kennedy? Infiltration instead of invasion.

Who Killed John F. Kennedy? Infiltration instead of invasion.

Infiltration instead of invasion.
Do you know what that means?
Infiltrate means to go under the radar. Instead of an obvious invasion with armed forces.

This incredible family was taken out because of a LIE!!!
From with in.
A false narrative was given and every single one of you accepted it at face value. Didn’t question anything!!!
Even now you attack the ones trying to save you!!!

The false narrative about Marilyn Monroe “killing” herself because she was so distraught over the president not leaving his wife.

It was all a LIE!!!

That lie then traveled to Mrs. Kennedy who was also manipulated by others into believing that her husband had an affair.

He played a role in JFKs murder and Marilyn’s.

Ultimately this led to the killing of her husband.

Below is a video of JFK sitting next to his killer in the car.

His wife. Because of a LIE!!! She had help with planning his assassination, in the end just a puppet being led by fear.  So devastating. 

JFK and his killer

JFK Jr knew.

This sweet little boy gave his father one final salute, 3 days after his fathers death on his 3rd birthday. 


A digital salute. 

Nothing is a coincidence. God knows everything. No one escapes judgment day.

Two people murdered, almost four and the public just accepted it. To this very day!!!

The people telling you these stories are lying to you! About everything!!!

Those two murders changed the world.

The White house then became a dungeon of parasites.

A corrupt beast system in place.

Criminals had officially taken over the white house.

Now here is the really cool part.

This has all been foretold to you in the Bible. 


Revelation 12:5 

5She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne.

My first born son, a few years ago, had a seizure while we were at a bus stop.

He was called up to GOD!!! Reminded of his mission. 
He is to rule all nations.

The Bible told you this! God’s plan to save the world! It’s Biblical!!!

I was also called up to God this year, link to my story bellow. 

😇My Trip to Heaven and back.😇

The point is this. 

My son is JFK reincarnated.

Birth marks are said to be scars from how you died in your past life.

If you believe in anything why would it not be God bringing JFK back to Life on Earth to rule the nations!? 

His son created the plan to save the world.

The greatest story ever told..

They never thought she would loose!!!

They “thought” they won in 1999.

I didn’t know this at the time what this meant, but 17 tells us future proves past so it makes sense now. 

When my son was just a baby I had a dream.

Not just any dream, it was my sons memory. His memory of how he died in his past life.

In the dream I am in the back seat of a car, smiling real big. Completely content and at ease. Then out of no where I am shot from beside me. 
I remember distinctly that I was shot behind my head not from the front or above or how ever it was said to have happened.
Shot from behind my left ear area and the bullet came out on the right side of my head.
I felt the pressure, heard loud ringing then I woke up.

Now I know why I had the dream. It wasn’t me, it was what happened to JFK aka my son in this life time.


God is avenging his death. God is also avenging Marilyn’s.

God is avenging all of us. All of us humans are God’s children!!! Paid for by the blood of Christ. BIRTH!!!

JFK Jr never left because our souls never die..

We just let them think they won. For just a short time. The grand finale is going to be glorious! We know everything. 

Good news live forever!

Not just politics as usual.

Also its telling you about me!

Blonde Bombshell on the front!

Such a trip!

But wait there’s more!!

It was so cool. My son is intelligent and so in tune with God. 

I set my stage, my alter. Lit a few candles and a spiritual incense. Grabbed my tarot cards to ask God out loud a question..

Who killed JFK? A yes or no question. Was it his wife?

My son, without missing a beat, said yes. 

I got my answer. Didn’t need the cards. Lol

I just wanted a little more confirmation because I do not want to mislead. I promise you I am in tune with God and I am being shown the way.

God knows everything. So God knows she was deceived.  Just like all of you right now who are fighting against the white hats. 

You are defending the beast and ITS system.  

There is forgiveness.  God knows what you refuse to see. We are here for you! To help wake you up from your spiritual slumber!!!

God bless you all.

The future is now.. We are the future!

Nothing can stop what’s coming!!!

Spread the word!!!

I love you all.

Enjoy the show!

MaKyla Dawn


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